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At Lone Pine, we have provided over one million successful services since the Anderson family entered the pest control industry sixty two years ago. Serving the Virginia and Tennessee areas, our highly trained and certified inspectors will visit your home or business to perform a pest or termite inspection. At Lone Pine, we don't just control the pests, we eliminate them!

The one area that distinguishes Lone Pine Exterminating is that we do not provide monthly pest control services for homeowners. We simply believe the pest should be exterminated, not controlled. When this is achieved with our clean-out service, then we follow up with an annual, semi-annual or quarterly pest service as needed.

The frequency of the treatment is based on the pests, the location of the homeowners property, and the surrounding environment.

Dear Homeowner

     The Anderson Family @ Lone Pine Exterminating Company is proud to announce the beginning of our 62nd year of serving Southwest Virginia & Northeast Tennessee.

     For 62 years, the Anderson family with professional termite & pest control technicians have provided services to homeowners & businesses throughout the area.

     During our 62 years, we have offered many services that are more advanced than the regular industry standard and less expensive, for example, monthly pest control.

     Providing a professional pest control service for homeowners does not require "spraying or baiting" each month to control pests.  Spraying and/or baiting for pest each month is very expensive for a one year service.

     Lone Pine Exterminating provides pest clean-out services.  This service relies heavily upon eliminating the pest with one application.

A no-cost guarantee is given at the time of treatment.

     If a follow-up treatment is required the homeowner does not have to pay for the same service over and over.  The treatment is guaranteed until the pest problem is eliminated.

     After the pests are eliminated, an "optional" maintenance service can be completed annually, semi-annually or quarterly.  Currently, 40% of Lone Pine Exterminating's homeowner customers are provided a pest free environment with a once per year treatment.  Also, 50% of Lone Pine Exterminating's homeowner customers are provided a semi-annual pest service with 10% serviced quarterly.

Our customers pay less for pest control services each year.

For example, when Lone Pine Exterminating completes a treatment on your home for termites or wood-destroying organisms, the pest service is provided free on site.

Don't be mislead with a monthly amount that will only accumulate with time.  Monthly pest service costs only get higher, the cost never goes down and is never ending.


For over 62 years, I have been informing homeowners:

A pest service that is provided on a monthly basis is the number one "sleight of hand" in the pest control industry.

The cost of a clean-out service provided by Lone Pine Exterminating cost less and is 95% safer than a monthly pest service application of insecticides.

There is a more thorough service called "perimeter treatment" this is the application of insecticides around the exterior of your home.  This service provides for long term pest elimination and is 95% safer than any other pest elimination option.

At Lone Pine Exterminating we have been providing perimeter treatments for 56 years and the results are successful.

Lone Pine Exterminating Company has never provided expensive "monthly" pest services to homeowners.

Some homeowners will require more treatment depending upon their location, however this can be accomplished with semi-annual or quarterly pest control.  Servicing in the spring when there is a 70% hatch of insects and in the fall when there is a 30% hatch allows the Lone Pine Technician to eliminate pest with perimeter treatments before they enter the home and become a problem for homeowners.

Lone Pine Exterminating eliminates the need for over 95% of all insecticides applied on the interior of the home.

At the very least, this allows homeowners to rest assured their health and the health of their children and pets is not being affected by monthly insecticide treatments.

     The Anderson Family @ Lone Pine Exterminating Company was "green" long before "green" was relevant in today's environmental world.  We care.

     From the beginning, we built and designed this service to protect homeowners and provide pest elimination services at the lowest cost possible.  Our services are more successful and less expensive than any other remedy for long term pest control.

     Please consider the alternatives before purchasing what sounds like a "good deal."

     Today, "in the case of poisonous insecticides it is also dangerous to continue unnecessary applications inside your home."

     Let Lone Pine Exterminating company keep your home free of pests and provide a 95% healthier environment than any alternative.

     For all your pest control needs, call Lone Pine Exterminating for a free inspection, a free estimate and a consultation on how best to eliminate pest with the safest and most effective treatments.

     Thank you for your patronage for the past 62 years, we are eternally grateful.


I am Very Truly Yours,


Ronald W. Anderson

Lone Pine Exterminating Co., Inc.


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